Two Bakers


Over the time, the artisian bakery cafe, Two Bakers enclave of Horne Road has continuously innovate and build on their existing series of quality handcrafted dainty dessert tarts with new welcoming creations. Cozily lighted up corner with wooden furniture that warms the customer at heart.


Not losing fame to its fellow artisian patisserie incumbents, Two Bakers’ Truffle Soba ($15.80) was definitely a healthy hit among the consumers too. Buckwheat soba simply tossed in truffle oil, served with sous vide poached egg and oven roasted portobello mushroom was simple tasting yet bringing out the full flavors of nuttiness and smokiness. The dish was served cold, additional brownie points for its refreshing taste and complimentary earthy flavors from the succulent portobello.


W ($9) with a big slab of slushy watermelon in between the light rose cream and hazelnut dacquoise topped with smooth vanilla chantilly cream and berries. The rose cream was definitely the limelight of this dessert.


Mount Fuji ($8) resembling that of of a snowy mountain with green snowflakes! Lightly fluffed white chocolate whipped cream that resemble the snowy cap of Mt fuji. Beneath it, lies layer of green tea ganache and sweet azuki beans. In love with this light bittersweet flavor of the tart.


Summer Yuzu ($9.80). Consist of Sablée tart base, matcha sponge and yuzu lemon yogurt mousse. Moist interior with a citrusy mousse layer that was a little zesty but yet still delicate and well balanced. Also an added nutty flavor from the pistachio bits that surrounds the rim of the tart!

All in all it’s definitely a recommended place for their mains and desserts! Furthermore it’s accessible from Lavender MRT via a 10 mins short walk.

Recommended 4/5 🙂

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