Located in a precarious location at the basement of Thomson Plaza, it could easily be missed if not for the snaking queue or the adorable sushiro bear stand. Limited seating available and they pride themselves by serving fresh sashimi, sashimi don or donburi at wallet friendly price.


Simple sumptuous menu filled with mouth-watering sushi and dons.



5 pcs torched Nigiri Sushi Set ($9.80) – The nigiri sushi set fell a little short on our expectations. The filet of raw fishes felt a little dry and lacks the sensational taste of a seasoned sushi overall.


Bara-chirashi Don ($12.80) – On the other hand the petite coveted Bara-chirashi don is filled with fresh chunky varieties of sashimi – salmon, tuna, octopus and juicy popping ikura. The rice and sashimi was well mixed and perfumed with sesame oil and soy sauce. Though the serving size is a little smaller than the conventional, but it still warm and fill the stomach well with probably just another sharing dish if you are a bigger eater.

The wait can be crazily 45mins long. You can consider making a reservation via SMS but the slots are pretty much limited. Even you have made the reservation, you would still have to wait for the next available table instead of the usual way where a table is reserved for you before your arrival, so it works more like a priority queue. The only one thing that will make me return is none other than the $12.80 bara-chirashi don but with the queuing time, probably only if i am in the vicinity.

Recommended 7/10 🙂

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