Populus Coffee & Food Co


You got to nail this popular cafe, Populus Coffee & Food Co, along 146 Neil Road! It gets real crowded on weekends and the waiting time easily gets up to 30mins as there’s limited seating capacity. Strongly advisable to make a reservation before dropping by! A very vintage and classique storefront with retro prints flooring, opening its door to a chic and bustling coffeehouse brimming with vibrancy. A gastronomical cafe dishing out contemporary brunch signatures and specialty coffee.


The Populus Scramble ($18). I really love their signature silky soft creamy scrambled egg with a hint of cheesiness against the crispy flaky toasted croissant. The best combination you would ever ask for and definitely one of the best scrambled egg i have tasted before! Streaks of bacon adding a torch of savoriness to this brunch item.


Heirloom Rendang Donburi (Limited Edition; $20). This will be a perfect marriage of japanese and malay cuisine. Homemade heirloom recipe rendang, peranankan archar, daikon, carrot & zuke pickles and seasoned japanese rice. A usually light japanese dish spiced up with appetizing archar and heavier tasting tender rendang.


Seafood Linguine ($25). Linguine braised in seafood bisque?! Can you imagine how flavorful it actually is? Ingenious replacement of usually white wine base to something more umami in flavor enhancing and bringing the whole taste of sea to a next level. With the abundance use of real succulent solid ingredients is what makes the dish worth every cents of penny you paid for.

All in all, it’s a place filled with arousing interest and alluring you to give it’s remaining delicacies a try.

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