Food Tasting: Mother’s Day Special at Yum Cha


Yum Cha has opened its first door in Chinatown away from the hustling city life many years back and now i’m back there for a food tasting on their Mother’s Day Menu Special. Imagine a picturesque of servers busily pushing carts of fresh, piping hot, mouth watering, delicately made dim sum delicacies right to your table or a busy scene of taking orders from the customers. Yes, that’s what you see when you’re at Yum Cha. That aside, everyone know Mother’s Day is just round the corner, wrecking your brain to see where you can bring your mum to for a sumptuous meal? Look no further! If your mum like chinese fare and dim sum, bring her to Yum Cha this Mother’s Day.


(Mother’s Day Special) Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables Bun ($2/pc) – A good balance of fats and meat with savoriness from preserved vegetables wrapped with warm and soft steamed bun. All is good but for a thin film of coat at the exterior of the bun that was a little off the usual softness.


(Mother’s Day Special) Pan Fried Salted Fish Bun ($5/3pcs) – With bottom of the bun seared to golden brown and flavorful filling made from salted fish paste and minced meat. Overall taste is light but with a distinct salted fish note. Definitely suit the palette of a salted fish lover.



(Mother’s Day Special) Almond Tarts ($3.20/3pcs) – Filled the core with sweet almond custard against the soft, flaky crusty tart. The custard is brimming with sweet almond flavor. It can be served chilled or warm.


Beside having to taste the special menu for Mother’s Day, we get to savor some of Yum Cha ala carte and dim sum dishes too!

Fish Maw in Shrimp Paste ($4.80 for 3) – Literally melt in your mouth Fish Maw atop with the shrimp paste meat that was filled with crunchiness.


Signature Salted Egg Prawns – This was a total hit for the night! Unlike the typical golden salted egg yolk prawn, Yum Cha has taken another innovative approach of incorporating the aroma and flavor of the salted egg yolk to the deep fried prawns.Loving how the freshness and sweetness of prawns is preserved yet with traces of salted egg scents and flavors.


Black Pepper Beef with Lotus – Tender beef slices that were extremely soft and well soaked up in the black pepper sauce makes it a good dish to go with rice! It will be much better if the lotus chips are a little more crispier!


Fried Carrot Cake – The perfect texture of crispy on the exterior, moist and soft on the interior.


Crispy Fried Beancurd – Another highlight of the night! Made up of 7 different flavor blend of ingredients as the dry mix gave the fried beancurd a sweet, salty and spicy flavor to it. A very interesting taste to the taste buds. A bite into the fried beancurd, sinks your teeth into a cube of piping hot, soft and smooth melts in your mouth seafood tofu! Indeed a delightful tofu creation.


Fried Vermicelli Seafood – Vermicelli filled with strong wok hei aroma and generous serving of succulent seafood consisting of scallops, prawns and fish slices. Perfect ending dish to a series of dim sums!


Here the dim sum menu for dinner at a glimpse! Look forward to their ala carte dishes too, it will not disappoint you either. To sum up all, most of the dishes at Yum Cha are lighter tasting, and thus there will always be room for more!

Just a quick note on the Mother’s Day Special Dim Sum, it’s only exclusively available from 1st to 14th May at Yum Cha Chinatown and Changi Outlets. Make your way down to relieve some nostalgic flavors of food down the memory lane!

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