Food tasting: Carne & Caipirinha


Heard about Carnivore? The concept of Carne & Caipirinha is quite similar to Carnivore with the difference of them being the one and only brazilian churrascaria in Singapore that uses charcoal fire for slow-roasting quality meats retaining the meat’s rich flavors and finishing off with an irresistible smoky fragrance. Not forgetting that their meat buffet galore are accompanied with a salad bar too. The buffet prices differs between Happy Hour & Regular Hours. More details at the end of the post!


Let’s take a peek what’s there in their salad bar selection. It basically consists selection of gourmet salads, pastas, rice and their very own traditional Brazilian Feijoada (it’s a kind of black bean stew with pork trimmings, be it the meat, ears etc that was used).




There you see in the third tray from the left sits the traditional Btrazilian Feijoada, the flavor was actually quite good, it’s a little light and mellow on the taste buds but the meat were a little tough to ingest.



Some condiments accompanying your meats. The refreshing salsa is the best accompaniment to the heavily seasoned meat cuts.


Cheese bread to kick start your buffet. This cheese bread is simply fascinating, it’s warm and has a chewy cheesey texture within. Small yet highly addictive.


Refreshing and tangy with a bite of citrus, it’s little wonder that Caipirinha is one of Brazil’s signature tipple. Refreshing and sublime flavours of fresh limes infused with a shot of the finest liquor.


After gourmet of salads, appetizers and drinks, are you all set for the buffet line? At Carne & Caipirinha, you get to set your own eating pace with the use of these 2 sided green and red card. When it’s a green, it’s a go-ahead to the Passadors to carve dining portion of meat off the skewers right on to your dining plates, while if it’s a red, it will means that the Passadors will stop serving you while letting you to take a rest from all the delicacies.



There are a total of 15 premium cuts to choose from, with each and every of them directly imported from Brazil which brings about a robust and satisfying taste. The first two that you are looking at now are Pork Sausage and Chicken Fillet wrapped in Bacon. The pork sausage has a sour flavor to it while the chicken fillet wrapped in bacon is firm and bountiful.


Chicken thigh that was tender and juicy.


Cubes of roasted Pork Belly that was actually meaty and savory but the skin was a tad too disappointing. Only if it was crackling good.


Besides pork and chicken, Lamb Leg, Beef Rump and Beef Hump were served too. Personally i preferred their Beef Hump than their Beef Rump, it’s more tender and juicer. Their Lamb Leg is not a bad choice too if you do not mind the smell of the lamb. Missing here are their Beef Rump Cap and Beef Rib.



We were warned not to eat more than 4 of these Fish  Cubes as they are high in fat content which our body may not be able to digest fully. The coat is a little crispy and salty while the flesh inside is warm, moist and soft.


Chicken hearts that are not for the faint-hearted. Exotic it may sound, but the taste turns out surprisingly good and acceptable. It has a unique chewy texture with no strong aroma.



Another meat cut will be this Pork Ribs which was delectably tender yet with a firm texture.


Something sweet, juicy and refreshing to cleanse your palette amidst the endless servings of meat. Grilled Pineapples! Have more servings of this please! It will definitely help to stimulate your appetite for more meats.


Not forgetting another highlight of this restaurant – “The Firebomb” Flaming Carbonara Pasta in Cheese Wheel. Freshly cooked carbonara pasta will first be tossed in this large Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese wheel, then flaming cocktail consisting a secret blend of 3 different alcohol will be poured in. The flames will char the pasta and melt the cheese, turning it into a beautifully balanced cream sauce with intoxicating aroma. We tried both version of the Carbonara Pasta, with and without the alcohol. “The Firebomb” Carbonara Pasta has a sweet aftertaste with trailing aroma of liquor while the normal Carbonara Pasta has a strong creamy and cheesy aftertaste which was more savory and desired for. Both versions have its own merits, it just depends on individual liking. Just to note “The Firebomb” pasta is available at an additional of $10 per serving.


All in all, it will be a heaven for meat lovers and food lovers who prefers heavily seasoned food or stronger flavors. Buffet prices as follows,

Happy Hour
Mon-Sat: 530pm – 7pm
Sun & PH: 5pm – 6pm
Adult: $39.90, Children: $18 (5-12 years old)

Mon-Sat: 7pm – 11pm
Sun & PH: 6pm – 11pm
Adult: $49.90, Children: $24 (5-12 years old)

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