Joo Bar


With an understated entrance, one can easily missed the restaurant situated along Tan Quee Lan Street. Nonetheless, you’ll be surprised as you walk into the inviting chic amidst the casual 3-storeys high shophouse with a touch of contemporaneity to the overall furnishing of the restaurant; in hues of black with dazzling lighting.

Joo bar serves modern korean food made with a twist of flavors and a hint of fusion that matches well with their creative drinks.


Banchan served were of nothing resemblance to the traditional korean side dishes but something more westernized and asian-ized.


Kimchi Pork Taco ($18) made of grilled mangalitsa, house made kimchi, onion and cilantro. Soft warm taco filled with tangy tasting fillings with traces of traditional korean flavor in between.


Japchae ($18), simple it may seems but well flavored glass noodle and tender beef with a hint of wok taste and aroma of sesame.


Seafood Gochujang Risotto ($24) – Delish fusion of east meet west. Traditional red hot pepper sauce used as the base of risotto, not too piquant but with the right spicy note to the palette. The seafood used were fresh, plump and succulent. Good ratio of seafood to rice. The texture of the risotto was done to perfection too, not too wet, not too dry but just a lil tiny winny of creaminess. A flavorsome plate of risotto!


Ginseng Chicken Soup – Brimming with nutritious taste of herbal ginseng, with tender chicken meat and glutinous rice, best samgyetang to warm up your stomach on a cold rainy day. Broth was thick and rich in flavors.

Pricing wise may be on a higher but with the quality put into the food preparation, you will feel that it’s totally worth every cents of the penny spent. It’s definitely a choice destination for modernized korean food but with the traditional korean flavors retained. One thing for improvement is definitely the time taken for the food to be served, it’s a little way too long.

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