Old Boys Gallery


Decided to check out Old Boys Gallery using the Entertainer App 1-1 main dish promotion. Located among the stretch of shop houses along Kampong Bahru, you can find Old Boys Gallery. The near 1 year old cafe is filled with bright vibrant splash of colors and sprightly painted canvas art pieces which immediately brightens up the whole dining corner. Also, displaying a collection of empty beer, cider and liquor bottles to furnish up the other side of the corner.



OBG menu with selections from their starters, to bar bites to main dishes. Westernized with fusion of tapas style.


Can’t help but to take a photo of such cutie Nest Beer cups. 🙂


Soup of the day – Mushroom Soup ($6.70). Thick and creamy filled with slices of wild mushroom and 2 slices of well toasted bread. Love it’s fragrant aroma and crispy edges.


OBG Steak ($21.90) – One of the recommended dish, so i was really looking forward to it. But it came out to be a tad too disappointing. Ordered the rib eye steak to be medium but it came out between medium well to well done, a little too tough and chewy. But nonetheless, the flavor and marination of the steak was good on its own even without the sauce. A little touch of herbs and spice with mushroom gratin on it. For the two side dishes choice, i have chosen miso corn and truffle mash. Miso corn is another disappointment, the corn kernels were really dry and the least juicy. But the Truffle Mash saved the day, one of the consolation to this dish. Smooth potato puree with noticeable truffle taste.


Salmon & Prawn ($18.90) – Quite a mediocre dish. Flavors were almost there but texture of the food needs improvement. If prawns were a little juicer, it will be perfect. The salmon on the other hand was a little too bland to my liking.

All in all, it’s a very welcoming environment to dine in, and i really saw raving reviews before i decided to give it a try but it turns out more improvement to the mouthfeel of the food is needed. Maybe they are better known for their tapas and drinks. But one good thing to note, prices stated are all nett!

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