With a grandiose facade that welcome you into an area filled with posh and classic ambiance and seating; and a corner with sofa coded in playful dash of bold colors overlooking the stretch of orchard road. Grand entrance decked with layers of glass wares and tea selections. A short escapade from the bustling city.



Sumptuous quirky menu filled with the love for food in a lady and gentleman perspective. Deliciously creative style of presenting menu in this style – light with an emphasize on seafood for the ladies’ affair and heavy with the meat in the limelight for the gentlemen palette.


Start our meal with a pot of Pomelo Tea ($11), light with scents of sweet pomelo flavor encircling around the palette. Rich yet mellow. Though the price for a pot of tea is on the higher end, but it really tasted comforting.


Beijing Dynasty Duck Pancake ($28) – A good fusion of east meets west. Abundance of shredded savory duck confit wrapped cozily in blankets of sweet and soft pancake. With the presence of an orange compote to heighten its flavor with a tinge of citrusy. It’s surprisingly stomach filling given the portion.


Boston Love Boat – Ciponio ($29) – Seafood and saffron stew with sweet potatoes fries. Crispy fragrant flaky pastry crust that contains the umami aroma of seafood within the bowl. The bowl of stew essence with tomato base contains plump and juicy scallop, mussels, fishes and prawns. Seafood were fresh and succulent. Stew were slurp-py good! Accompanying sweet potatoes were starchy with hint of sweetness and crispness.

All in all, it was a nice experience dining in Arteastiq though service was a little slow, but food served were of decent taste and quality. Can’t wait to go back for some artsy painting time!

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