20F Specialty Coffee


Checking out the new cafe that has replaced an old medicinal hall. 20F Specialty Coffeehouse has kept the essence of it’s original rustic interior but giving it a finishing touch of modernized feel.


Menu filled with interesting creations.


Chilli Chocolate White Tea ($5.50) – An intriguing distinguishing taste for this glass of Chilli Chocolate White Tea. The first taste you got is a slight creamy sweet taste from the chocolate, and slowly the piquant flavor of chilli kicks in gradually. Thank goodness for the white tea used as the base, that was a little lighter and bearable for this unique taste. But you can imagine, how it will taste like when it gets concentrated. One word – overwhelming! I’m still glad i gave this tea a shot.


Duck & Waffle ($22) – Not the first but still a unique find at the coffeehouse. And it’s a gem! The waffle is kind of crisp and fluffy with evident sweetness to it. Topped it with a scoop of berries sorbet that gives an hint of refreshing sourness. Best complement from the tender, melts in your mouth duck confit! A sumptuous dish filled with flavors burst!


Orange Cinnamon French Toast ($15) – I’m pleasantly surprised by the refreshing sweet orange scent you could taste from the soft and warm toast. Topped with mascarpone cheese, berries fruits and strips of deep fried bacon. Overall flavor for the dish was light and mellow but luckily thanks to the 2 strips of bacon that heightens the flavor to a higher level that sits perfectly well with the palette.

Good place to satisfy some of the brunch cravings.

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