No ornate signboard with interior going the unpretentious and minimalist style. weBread serves a delectable range of homemade tartine, gourmet salads, comfort soups, delicious pastries and specially selected beverages. Simple cafe with scrumptious menu. They do offer different set choices to complete your meal, price ranging from $1 – $6. Just Tartines alone, they are filled with so many choices to pick from!



Homemade Soup ($4/$5). It’s tomato soup for the day and i loves tomato soups for their zesty tangy-ness flavor.


Chicky Shrooms ($9). Poached chicken and shrooms on toasted bread which i find it a little hard. Lacks of the toasted aroma and it’s really kind of hard to chew on, it will be better if it’s a little more crispy at the edges. Flavors were light and soft, nothing too intense except for the mayo spread.


Mushroom Cream Pasta ($12/$15). Another disappointment for this dish lies in the hard penne. A little off from what’s supposedly al dente. A little salty and overly creamy to my liking too.


Smoked Salmon with Ham Brown Rice. A surprisingly good rendition of healthy brown rice with westernized smoked salmon and ham, coupled with some salad and an egg. Brown rice were cooked to perfection, soft and chewy. As it’s lighter in taste, it goes really well with the heavier tasting seasoned salmon and ham.

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