Free the Robot


One of the latest addition to the CBD lunch scene along Telok Ayer Street. Graffiti-ed with robots drawings on the exterior and open its door to an interior of a traditional vintage look with cemented robots drawings on the walls. It’s a cosy and small cafe which can probably fit less than 20 people, so make sure you beat the lunch crowd to secure the seats!


No fanciful menu to look forward to, just simple scribbling on the chalkboard. Nevertheless, they do have a decent range of coffee to sandwiches to salads and to some mains and sides which seems good enough to cater to the working crowds.


Cafe Mocha ($6) – It was not on the menu, so i just did a check with the staff if they do serve mocha, and yes they could. But it turns out to be a cup of bittersweet mocha for me. High on the acidic note, bitter and sourish to my liking.


Megusta Meatballs ($12) – They have it the linguine or jasmine rice version. Being the hungry me, i decided to go for the one with Jasmine rice. These Megusta Meatballs are simply delectable. Meaty wholesome beef balls accompanied with tomato pesto sauce that were so tantalizing and flavorsome. How i wish i could have more of the gravy for the rice. Simple and satisfying lunch to look forward to.

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