Food Tasting: Fu Lin Men Dou Lao


The distinguishing factor for 3 storeys high Fu Lin Men Dou Lao from other Hotpot and Steamboat joints is none other than their soup bases, the use of FRESH/LIVE ingredients and the environment to dine in. The incredible alluring interior, uncluttered but spacious, was the very first impression i had upon my first step into the restaurant. Beside having the conventional table seatings, they have a couple of sofa seatings.



The 3 storeys high restaurant has each storey set in a different theme and has a couple of VIP rooms within each storey that are crafted intrinsically with traditional chinese arts and prints. Loving these big lantern lightings that gave an elegance touch to the whole dining experience.


Another special feature of Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, is the presence of their function room equipped with a projector which can be booked for corporate events. It’s like a one stop service to the corporate, food and drinks available right after a closed door meeting. There is no minimum spending or booking fee required, you can just drop them a call to let them know your budget, and they can do up something for you within the budget. The function room can hold up to 36 pax comfortably.


After the introduction of the restaurant, it’s time for some mouthwatering sharing of the food! Check the live seafood out! Though there’s not aplenty of them due to space constraint, but looking at how plump these seafood are, isn’t that tempting enough for you!


It’s a very thoughtful gesture of the boss to have the concept of having drinks and dinner at one place conveniently. You no longer have to fret, “Where shall we go for drinks?” ; “Will there be empty tables?”, you can enjoy a couple of drinks with food right at your comfort at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao!


At Fu Lin Men Dou Lao, the idea is not of buffet but ala carte orders that places emphasis on the freshness and quality of food. Each person will have their own hotpot and there are 4 soup bases to choose from. The menu is in the form of iPad, so you can easily place your order on the iPad. They have an extensive menu of appetizers, handmade creations, seafood, meats and vegetables to select from. Similar to other hotpot joints, what you can never miss out is their concoction of sauces.


They have some cold appetizers, instant noodles, cup desserts and fruits to accompany your meal too. You must be thinking, why instant noodles? The fact that, during the hotpot cooking process, all the essences of the ingredients have been dissolved into the soup base, and what you need is none other than the instant noodle which works like a magic sponge, that intelligently absorbs the broth and essences of the hotpot. I’m not surprise if it turns out to be the best dish of all!


3 cold appetizers you can start your meal with. Among all, i like the chilled fungus salad the best. Crunchy black fungus with appetite stimulating flavors. All ready for the feast!


This is what I was talking about earlier on. Each person will have their own individual pot. Which i find it quite a good deal, you do not have to reach all the way out for your food and if you come with a group of friends, you can try all their soup bases! Problems like, some of your friends may not be able to take beef or are allergic to seafood are solved instantly!


Here are the 4 soup bases made available – Clockwise from the Top Right; Signature Golden Imperial Pot, Vitality Wild & Cultured Mushroom Pot, Longevity Tofu Soup Base and Sizzling Chilli Soup Base. I had their Signature Golden Imperial Pot which was slow boiled over 12 hours with big bones, dried hams and herbs. The broth was thick, nourishing and taste real good even on its own!


First dish to kick start the whole hot pot session was their Fortune Chalice ($38) made up of premium sea cucumber, abalone and mushroom. The base of Fortune Chalice is very similar to the Signature Golden Imperial soup stock. Both are thick with aroma and flavor of dried seafood and big bones. This is easily one of my favorite dish for the night except for the shredded sea cucumber that was a little too hard and chewy for the bite.


Freshly Cultured Sea Prawns with Marbled Beef ($18). Though this is something simple just prawns and beef, but you get to taste the natural sweetness and tenderness of both.



Wild Bamboo Pith with Fresh Prawn Paste ($18). Another thumbs up for this dish! The pockets of bamboo pith holds the flavor of the soup base well and deliver abundance of them right to your palette.


Fresh Beancurd Pockets with Fresh Seafood Paste ($10)


Roars of Success Lion’s Mane Mushroom with Chicken Fillet ($12)


Bountiful Blessings of Three Treasures ($28) consisting of 3 different kind of premium and exquisite mushrooms – Morel, Matsutake & Lion’s Mane Mushroom. Just ensure they are cooked in the hotpot for sufficient amount of time to get the right texture. No strong aroma, and taste kind of yummy!


Family Bliss Freshly Handcrafted Dou Lao Meat Balls ($7) that are only unique to Fu Lin Men Dou Lao has an especial flavor to it. In particular, i like the squid ball with chocolate filling the best. Savory bouncy with bits of squid texture enfolding traces of chocolate sauce within. Delightful sweet savory marriage of both ingredients.


Beer Marinated Marbled Beef ($28). This is a really amazing superb creation from Fu Lin Men Dou Lao. Soak the marbled beef into the beer for a few minutes and cooked it in the soup for a few seconds. You’ll be surprised by how the tender beef continues to perfume with scents of beer and how the soup stock has sealed the beer flavor into the beef. A perfect fusion of both.


Oriental Greens and Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms ($10)

Grand Imperial Premium Bird’s Nest ($28).
How do you consider a meal complete without any desserts? But to be honest, I’m a little disappointed in this dessert. I was looking forward to a double boiled kind of bird nest desserts but it turn out to be more of a starchy thick paste kind of desserts with a touch of barley taste and only few shreds of bird’s nest.


House of Gold Pineapple Glutinous Rice ($9). I would instead much prefer this to the premium bird’s nest dessert. Glistening with golden sparkles from the pineapple and glutinous rice mix that brings about a citrus-y sweet and chewy texture to the dessert, ending the whole meal on a sweet note.

 All in all, it was a satisfying meal at Fu Lin Men Dou Lao in a comfy hygienic environment with friendly staff. Though the price may be a little on the higher end, but we are paying for the quality and exquisiteness of the food, which is worth for a good gathering and some pampering to ourselves. Thanks Openrice & Fu Lin Men Dou Lao for the invitation! You may see my review at too!

Address: 16 North Canal Road S048828

Recommend 🙂

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