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Nanta BBQ has recently opened it’s door last december in Goldhill Centre. They have their menu filled with palatable traditional korean appetizers, mains, stews and bbq for sharing and add on a touch of cheese to their bbq ribs to create a modern fusion to the traditional delights.



The very first thing that caught my eyes is none other than this bottle of water with these stones settling at the bottom of the bottle. I was a little perplexed initially and decided to read it up online. Found that these stones are also known as mineral stones that will supposedly help to increase the minerals nutrient content in our drinking water which benefits our health. Interesting fact known from the meal. 🙂


Refillable 7 side dishes comprises of kimchi, pickled vegetables, fishcake, and green salad was served upon our orders. We decided to go for something that was looking special and unique which is none other then their cheese pork ribs! We also ordered an appetizer to go along.


La-bokki ($15) is one dish made with a twist to the traditional tok-bokki with the addition of ramyeon but still keeping the same old flavors. Stir-fried with sweet red pepper sauce with slices of fish cakes and topped with an egg; reduced to a thick gravy before serving the dish up to the dining table. A little sweet with intriguing spicy note to the sauce. Ramyeon was soft and tok-bokki was chewy to the teeth.


Cheese Deng-Galbi Set B ($58) comes with a multi-component pot with the middle ring serving the limelight of the dish – CHEESE AND PORK SPARE RIBS! There are actually 3 main stars to this dish, first is the cheese and pork ribs, second is the nacho chip and its accompaniment while last but not least it’s the steam egg. This sharing portion easily served up to 3-4 pax and you can choose your spiciness level; spicy level is manageable for most.


Grab a piece of nacho chips and topped it with some salsa mix, minced meat and salad mix. The nacho chips is light on its own not too salty and overpowering in flavor so it can fully bring out the distinct flavor of each accompaniment. A little savory from the minced meat, a little sour from the salsa and a little lightness from the salad. It’s a refreshing snack that complements well with the heavy flavored cheese ribs.


Here’s the highlight of the day – Pork spare ribs with melting cheese. Aint those melty golden interstellar cheese looking good and making you to salivate now? So basically, one of their staff headed over to our table to showed us the proper way of savoring this delicacy. Ensure the cheese is really melting in the liquid state, grab a rib stick and wrapped it around with these cheese. Savor it while it’s hot, so the cheese is still a little melty to the palette; otherwise, the cheese really cools down fast and harden shortly thereafter. The luscious pork spare ribs is so well marinated with sweet spicy sauce on the right note right to the core, and the meat is so feathery light and tender, and de-bones easily. Such a toothsome combination of cheese and pork ribs for the night!


What’s korean food without some booze right? This Watermelon Soju Cocktail ($38) is totally a hit! You must really give it a try when you’re there. It’s a little sweet and refreshing with minimum astringent taste from the soju. The foam intensify the overall mouthfeel of the cocktail. It’s sweet and as though filled with tiny bits of watermelon. Plus point that the cocktail is served icy cold!

It’s surprisingly not too crowded on a weekday night. The dining area is spacious, good for both big and small group gathering. The friendly staffs there are very attentive and most of them are able to converse in korean too. If you’re looking for some good korean food away from the crowd, hop your way down to Nanta BBQ!


Address: 175 Thomson Road, #01-175
Goldhill Centre, S307624

Recommend 🙂

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