Kai Sushi & Robatayaki


Have you been to the bustling Kai Sushi & Robatayaki Japanese restaurant located in the new wing of Plaza Singapura? Featuring their classic Nigiri Sushi, Robatayaki, Chirashi-don and Set lunch mains. Kai Sushi promotes casual communal dining with a couple of table more closely knitted to one and other. Be prepared to expect full house and some queue crowd during the dining hours!



Extensive menu of lunch set choices


Variety of robatayaki choices!


Not forgetting the traditional Nigiri sushi


Some mini appetizers to start off the meal! The jelly like thing tasted somehow like acorn jelly, a little crunchy with subtle flavor while the root looking pieces tasted a little hard and not as yummy.


I’m impressed with the small details they take pride in for their food presentation even for add on appetizer to the set meals. The sashimi were bright in colors and were really fresh; chefs weren’t stingy with the portion, each slices were of reasonable thickness that you can devour and savour the freshness and sweetness of the sashimi!


We ordered Wakadori Teriyaki ($12.80) from the Set Lunch menu, it’s applicable for dinner too if you’re wondering! Wakadori Teriyaki tasted really good and different from all the teriyaki chicken i had tried thus far, though it’s just pan fried chicken with teriyaki sauce, but the chicken were specially crispy on the skin and particularly tender and juicy on the meat. The sauce were savory to the right note too. Really am pleasantly surprise by this simple and common dish served yet with extraordinary flavors!


We ordered only one main dish, so that we have the stomach for some nigiri sushi and robatayaki! We ordered their salmon and tuna nigiri sushi ($1.50; $1.00). Similar to the style of japanese sushi restaurant, minimum sushi rice but topped with a big slab of sashimi! Awesome!


Ordered a couple of robatayaki skewers too. Mushrooms skewers ($1.90)!


Yakitori skewers ($1.90)!


Chicken wing skewers ($2.40)! Each of the skewers were served in the state where it tastes its best and with the chicken wing skewers being the most delicious of all! It was crisp on the skin and juicy in the meat, accompanied with some sort of belacan sauce, that were a little spicy and savory and it went pretty well with the wings skewers!

All in all, it was a satisfying meal at Kai Sushi & Robatayaki whereby chefs whipped up delectable delights which were on par with those served in traditional japanese house using quality ingredients yet pricing it reasonably!

Address: 68 Orchard Road #04-68
Plaza Singapura

Recommended 🙂

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