The Cold Pantry


Amid the stretch of bustling cafes along the rangoon road sits The Cold Pantry prominently known for their Root Beer Waffles. Unpretentious simple decoration of the cafe which brilliantly re-direct the consumer’s focus to their desserts.


Concise and sweet menu filled with soft serve ice cream, soft serve frozen yoghurt and not forgetting their signature waffles! I’m so excited that i finally get to lay my hands on them!


As we were pretty full from our lunch and there’s nothing more we could stomach in, we decided to just go for their Chocolate Root Beer ($12.50). Dense with crispy edges chocolate root beer waffle that sizzle a little fizziness of the root beer. A delish and unique piece of art. Charcoal vanilla is a little plain jane, but i guess that’s how it complements well with the more intensified flavored waffle. The addition of a chocolate chip cookie greatly enhances the overall taste and chocolaty note of the dessert. I’ll be back to try their Cha Yen Soft Serve!

Address: 131 Rangoon Road S218409

Recommended  🙂

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