Kombi Rocks

10003091_10152995411930771_4978716563841175904_nKombi Rocks has always been on the “To go list if you’re driving” kind of articles, but in actual fact it’s not that inaccessible, it’s pretty much accessible from Serangoon Swimming Complex. One thing you will never miss from Kombi Rocks are their eye-catching signature retro and colourful Vee-Dubs that are lined up right infront of their cafe. They have a couple of Vee-Dubs which you could rent for events or photoshoot. Don’t they look so cutesy and pretty?

12036811_10152995411275771_1959284736810302005_nNot just Vee-Dubs, the interior of Kombi Rocks are filled with retro items on displays or even some for sale! Really one of the interesting vintage ambiance to dine in.


Kombi Rocks dished up mainly chinese and thai food with recipes passed down from generations, so you could really feel the homely touch to each of the dish served up to your table!



Koon Kee Mee Goreng ($6.50, small), mee goreng but with a twist of chinese flavors, brimming with eggy and wok aroma accompanied with traces of sweetness and subtle spiciness. A plate filled with heartwarming flavors but the portion was a little too small to fill the stomach though.


Signature Kombination Platter ($32 for 4 pax) consisting of Handmade Thai Fish Cake, Handmade Prawn Roll, Thai Spicy Vermicelli Seafood Salad, Crabmeat Omelet and Lychee Pork Ribs. There were some hits and misses to this plate of platter. Their Thai Fish Cake and Thai Spicy Vermicelli Seafood Salad were the only two i would really recommend. Intriguing spicy and sour sensation on the palette by the Thai Spicy Vermicelli Seafood Salad. It has a very refreshing taste with crunchy prawns and fragrant minced meat. The rest of the foods are kind of lacklustre, texture and taste were not controlled well. The Lychee Pork Ribs tasted more like char siew slices with a fruity note; Handmade Prawn Roll lacking the firmness and meatiness and the Crabmeat Omelet was a little too generous on their salt.


Signature Fish Maw and Crabmeat soup ($14) on the other hand fared much better. The soup were thick and goooey with abundance of fish maw, shredded crabmeat, mushrooms, and egg drops! It tasted clean cut and sweet, with a little of vinegar and pepper, it’s all ready to warm your stomach!


Kombi Rocks has an interesting concept to begin with which has allows it to differentiate itself from many other cafes. Food wise was a pity, though it serves out dishes filled with warmth of a home-cooked meal but lacks the appeal for a return visit. Nonetheless, their floats look really good! Maybe it’s worth a try for their drinks and dessert on a hot afternoon instead.

Address: 66 Yio Chu Kang Rd
Singapore 545568

50/50 :/

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