Mon Bijou


One of the newer addition to Claymore Connect is none other than this french patisserie cafe Mon Bijou serving from french pastries and desserts to sandwiches and brunch items. Mon Bijou provided us with a quiet corner to just sink in to their cozy comfy armchairs for some afternoon escapade from the bustling city.


Please gasp at the galore of choices they have for you! Are you like me now who was spoilt for choice?



They have a limited variety of ice cream for their waffle or as gelato scoops.


Here’s a glimpse of their rather extensive food menu.


Since we headed down to Mon Bijou for an afternoon tea, we decided to go for their dessert tarts and a couple of drinks to cool ourselves down from the scorching sun. We went ahead with an Iced Mocha ($5) and Mango Passionfruit Smoothie ($7.80). Unlike what i was expecting of an iced mocha frappuccino kind of thing, it turn out to be mocha added with ice. Not too bad i would say, the coffee weren’t really thin and we could taste a hint of an acidic note from the caffeine and a tinge of sweet chocolatey note. The smoothie on the other hand was really refreshing, thick and creamy with the real fruit taste.


The tarts that we had with us were Red and Black Fruit Sable ($7.80 per slice) and Yuzu Lemon Tart ($6.80 per slice). I find the base of their tarts rather unique, it’s quite cake-y, moist and dense unlike the typical which are usually more dry and crumbly. Love the abundance of berries they have used on their Red & Black Fruit Sable with each being so fresh, sweet and juicy yet brings about a tinge of sour-ness. Their Yuzu Lemon Tart was on par with the fruit sable, the sourish lemon-y curd paired with caramelized melted marshmallow was good, though missing the yuzu flavor as you savor on it.


When you’re spoilt for choices, feel free to approach their friendly staffs for some of their genuine recommendations. I really enjoy the coziness and laid back ambiance they have coupled with their smoothies and desserts treats!

Address: Claymore Connect
442 Orchard Road #01-19/20 s238879

Recommended 🙂

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