RedBank Bar & Grill


Quietly located in a corner of Claymore Connect, sits Redbank Bar & Grill among the new additions to this mini mall. Redbank promises us a unique American dining experience right here in Singapore. The restaurant exudes an opulent comfortable interior with sofa seating adequately spaced and lights warmly dimmed but at the same time evokes a chic and playful corner with live streaming screens and a mini stage.



The menu focuses mainly on classic American fares done the traditional way on a charcoal grill. Prices were reasonable and comparable to other similar restaurants given the portion size. Also, they have a corner of shelves filled with bottles of wine for your appreciation.



Since there were only 2 of us, there are limited choice of food we could try, so we decided lay our hands on their appetizer and mains. Maryland Soft Shell Crab ($18). An innovative way of grilling soft shell crab over caste iron. Forget about the oiliness from all the deep frying and indulge in these grilled soft shell crab with a complete light crisp on the outside and full bodied meat on the inside with minimum guilt! Not only were these soft shell crab sweet and fresh, Redbank was very generous with their portion and particular with the size of their soft shell crab too, there were a total of 6 of them with each and every one of them fat and juicy!


Lobster Pasta ($24). Yet another mind-blowing dish i had for the night. Tagliatelle cooked in lobster bisque broth with every strand of tagliatelle beautifully coated with the creamy lobster bisque and served with chunks of meaty and crunchy real fresh lobster. A bold creation with the reassurance that the  bisque used was not too overwhelming on the palette yet bringing about an umami taste on each mouthful of pasta.


Del Mar Pizza ($24). A 10 inch thin crust pizza filled with aplenty of mussels and scallops sitting on a bed of dense luscious cheese and tangy tomato mix. A little charred on the crispy edge with a rustic burnt flavor accompanied by the smokey traces of cheesy strands make the pizza tastes awesomely good! But the scallops tasted somewhat doubtful to me. Does not taste like any scallops i have came across, but instead like some frozen scallop balls.

With the mysterious background of scallops aside, Redbank really whips up a menu of delectable American dishes at pocket friendly prices without compromising the quality of ingredients used. In addition, the service staff there were really friendly and attentive to your needs too; definitely a good spot for some night chill out or soccer streaming!

Address: 442 Orchard Road, #01-02
Singapore 238879

Recommended 🙂

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