Pacamara Boutique Cafe

10432506_10152919531030771_1106003920569864498_nPacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters has repackaged themselves from previously known as Oz Specialty Coffee and joined the cafe scene along upper thomson road since last year. Judging from it’s name, you’ll get to know how much pride they take in their coffee; Pacamara translates to a hybrid strain of Arabica with clean, well defined notes. Not just that, once you step into Pacamara, you feel as though you’re surrounded in an angelic clouds of white against the cemented floor and wooden table tops exuding the aura of pureness and serenity.


Not only that, a very interesting concept of being roomy yet at the same time promoting communal dinning.



Don’t their tarts and cakes look deliciously good?



Well, they carry quite an extensive range of St Anthony’s Industries products for retail too. If you’re looking for a better coffee maker/brewer, you can check them out!


One thing i truly like about Pacamara is their scrumptious list of menu items available for both brunch and night respectively. Their day menu will start from 9am to 4pm which consists mainly of salads, brunch items and pastas while their night menu will start from 5pm to 9pm and consists more of finger foods, western mains and once again all time favorites pastas. All prices shown were nett too!


And the best thing is, it’s accompanied by another list of beverages, ciders and beers.



Sweet Potato Fries ($8). To be honest, it was actually my first time trying sweet potatoes fries. Personally i have not taken sweet potatoes on its own be it being grilled above the charcoal or as a form of sweet dessert soup. These sweet potatoes fries has turn out pretty well for a first timer. The texture was a little different from the usual fries, more starchy with a sugary element.


Oven baked 5 cheese macaroni ($18). The wanderlust of parmesan, feta, emmental, mild cheddar and mozarella with sparks of truffle oil has has definitely lived up to the anticipation and attention i had for this dish. Long trail of cheese upon pulling a spoonful of macaroni with subtle burst of truffle in your mouth. It’s heavens! Not forgetting the bits and pieces of honey ham and mushroom that has complemented the dish well. Already falling head over heels for this dish, but at the same time wishing for more gooey intense cheesy flavors.


Prawn Aglio Olio ($18). Springy spaghetti cooked to al dente. A dish filled with crunchiness from the succulent prawns and green crisp baby asparagus.


Penne Carbonara ($16).  Their cream based pasta is undoubtedly one step ahead of their Aglio Olio. Not too thick and creamy but instead unveiled a luscious sweet light milky note with a touch of cheese and dash of honey ham to create a waltz of balanced flavor which went easy on the palette.

A satisfying dinner which makes me can’t wait to be back again to lay my hands on their Truffle Benedict and a cup of aromatic coffee!

Address: 185 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574333

Recommended 🙂

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