Mak’s Noodle


The famous Mak’s Noodle from Hongkong has made its arrival right to our doorsteps in Singapore a couple of months back. Located in the basement of Centrepoint Orchard, with the surroundings somewhat quiet. The eatery was constantly filled with customers but the queue was not snaking long as what i was expecting. What they have is a simple traditional chinese style layout for their eatery with tables a little cramp to one another and practice an open kitchen concept, very hongkong style i would say.



What a cute menu embedded on a 2D big bowl. If you have not known by now, Mak’s noodle is famous for their Wanton and in my opinion i would highly recommend their Beef Brisket noodles too.


Sometimes, we do not need too much fanciful condiments, just a few good key ones will do the trick!


We decided to try their famous Wanton Noodle Soup ($6.90) and Beef Brisket Tossed Noodle Dry ($9.00). Their braised beef briskets were very soft, tender and flavorful yet not too overwhelming and salty. But i find their tossed noodle a little under cooked and chewy. I preferred the noodles in the soup, the texture is more springy and softer. Pardon me for the hidden wantons in the picture. Their prawn wanton is good i would say, thin smooth layer of skin with firm meaty prawn fillings. Their soup broth are pretty light and natural tasting too.


All in all, the staff were quite friendly and efficient in managing the customers. The waiting time for food weren’t too long too. Whether if i will return for a second time will pretty much depends on my mood i guess. The food is of not bad standard i would say but the perception of whether it’s worth the value i’m paying for is holding me back.

Address: 176 Orchard Road
The Centrepoint #01-63/64
Singapore 238843

Recommended 🙂

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