Molly Roffey’s


Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub has been around in the Singapore scene for quite a while. Molly Roffey’s is quite unique to not only be a pub that telecasts live soccer matches, houses a live band performance but also a corner for the most in trend installation – dart machine! They basically have all the best things under in one roof. I like how the interior of the pub is decorated, high stools and bar counter, brick walls and scents of quaintness, greatly filled with European pubs vibes.



Extensive menu filled with bar bites, to pizzas and pastas accompanied with a couple of beers, ciders and wines all at  nett prices. If you have noticed, they have even attended to your small little needs where you don’t have to crack your brain, what kind of wine or liquor will goes well with what kind of food, they have done that just for you!



Beside immersing in their wonderful ambiance, it’s time to indulge in some of the goodies they have right there in their kitchen.  First up in the menu for tonight was Shrimp Paste Chicken in a Basket ($10). Though i was really looking forward to see how intense the shrimp paste taste will be, but to much disappointment, it’s indeed lacking the shrimp paste flavor but nevertheless, the crispiness of the skin with the juiciness of the meat seems to have make up for the loss. Not only that, the accompanying coriander chilli is really superb and a perfect match with the mid joint wings. The coriander chilli bring about some resemblance to our belacan chilli stinging our taste buds with spiciness. One word, ‘Shiok!’


Another 2 dishes we ordered were Asian Pasta ($20) and Aglio Olio with Prawns ($16). I felt that the Asian Pasta fared much better than the Aglio Olio. Like what the name suggest, Asian Pasta brings a touch of asian flavor to the dish. Mild tom yum cream base with a handful of seafood. The tom yum based is not too overpowering but has infused well into the spaghetti strands, with every strands filled of subtle tom yum flavor, a tinge of sourness and spiciness. The highlight of the seafood used was none other than a miniature cheese baked crayfish, though small but the meat was so fresh and crunchy with the sweetness intensified by the baked cheese. It’s the total limelight of the dish despite it being so miniature. ): I’m literally craving for more right now. Aglio Olio on the other hand lack of lustre, with the pasta a little too dry.


To sum up all, i really like the casual and full of bar vibes ambiance Molly Roffey’s has. It makes it a really good chill out place after work or on friday’s nights.

Address: 331 New Bridge Road
#01-04 Dorsett Residences

Recommended 🙂

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