Located all the way up at Level 6 of People Park Complex with a bird eye view overseeing the whole bustling chinatown landscape. Welcomed by a pink luminous Lepark signboard and behind this metal grill gate revealed a hip and unpretentious row of bar counter and open kitchen. The common area is filled with old school benches for their seating and they have both al fresco (for groups who would like to have a smoke) and indoor air-conditioned dining area.


We decided to pop by Lepark for a quick bite before our dinner. We went for their famous and highly reviewed Milo Soft Serve ($8) and what attracted me, Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab Slider ($12). Their Salted Egg Yolk Soft Shell Crab Slider were really good i must admit. The Salted Egg Yolk sauce is so thick, creamy and rich with the full bodied flavors of salted egg yolk and remnants bits of salted egg for the added mouth feel. The pairing of the sauce with the crispy soft shell crab and deep fried mantou was the best you could find in town. The bite into the mantou with a warm and soft interior yet with a crispy edge on the exterior and salted egg yolk sauce drizzled on is simply heavenly. The crabmeat ball fair a little under the weather though, it lacks the distinct flavor from a fresh crab and it’s not so meaty and wholesome as it looks like.


The next one we had was this Milo Soft Serve which was a huge disappointment. The soft serve was truly lacking of the Milo flavor and melting at an accelerating rate which no one could comprehend it. In no time, we felt as though we were eating our breakfast cereals in a bowl of chocolate milk. It’s overloaded with sweetness from famous breakfast cereals such as fruity loops and honey stars in addition with slices of banana. The last thing i would do, is to pay $8 for this soft serve again. The soft serve is photogenic but not stomach worthy.


Nevertheless, i must credit Lepark for it’s novelty and creativity in creating an ambiance which was pretty unique in the Chinatown area and i believe this has made them stood out quite a lot from the crowd. Strongly advisable to just stick to their tapas and beer and skip the desserts!

Address: 1 Park Rd,People’s Park Complex
#06-00 Singapore 059108

50/50 :/

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