Made my virgin trip down for some Sexy Thai food at Porn’s Star Vista. Welcomed by a vibrant and quirky outlook with tables adequately spaced out. The whole atmosphere was filled with hip and cherry mood. Even part of their menu are filled with naughty play of words but we are definitely more attracted to their scrumptious list of food pictorials! We decided to go for a mixture of appetizers, soup, sides and mains for the night.



Pratunam Fish Cake ($9, $3 each min order 3). A dense springy fish cake patty that has a unique sweet and  sour taste which brings you a step closer to the taste of Thailand.


Clear Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($7.90). I was expecting some fiery Tom Yum Goong, but this was a little tad too disappointing. The spiciness level is not up to the standard,  we added our own chilli padi to spice things up a little on our end. Not only that, the definition of seafood for this dish is an overstatement. Prawn and overwhelming of fish slices is the only seafood i saw, they don’t even have any cuttlefish.


Kailan with Salted Fish. Simple dish of fresh crunchy kailan yet filled with savory aroma and flavor from the oyster sauce and salted fish. Good texture of salted fish to go with the rice after deep frying and being not too overly salty on the palette.


Missy Omelette (Minced Chicken). Another surprising good find in the restaurant. I like the fluffiness of this omelette! It’s so nicely done, with a little crisp and golden brown on the outside, while light, airy and soft on the inside!


Phad Thai. Loving their green crunchy beansprouts! Mild sweetness from the phad thai couple with the crunchy cleanly cleaned beansprouts that enhance the overall mouthfeel. Not too soggy, and good proportion with bits and pieces of fried egg and de-shelled prawns.

Food aside, one of their highly recommended drink you should try is their Ice Roselle Tea. A little icy, not to sweet yet refreshing! Definitely a good glass of drink to go with the meal.

Address: The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green #02-09
Singapore 138617

50:50 :/

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