Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant


Stepping into Serenity with a dimly lighted ambiance and spacious seating arrangements exuding posh yet promoting casual and intimate dinning experience.


Sangria White ($16). I’m more of a white wine than red wine person as white wine usually have a sweeter finishing note. This sangria cocktail is indeed refreshing with accompaniment of mixtures of citrus fruits for a heavy tasting meal which follows after.


Pulpo Gallega ($19.80). Grilled octopus marinated with paprika spices, garlic, flake salt and extra virgin oil. There’s some hits and misses to this tapas dish. The octopus slices were grilled to perfection with meat so juicy and tender yet having the right chewiness on your teeth. But they could really hold back on their serving of salt, as the dish falls on to the saltier side with apparent presence of cluttered salt unevenly marinated onto the octopus.


Chipirones Fritos ($18.80).  They are actually simply known as fried calamari with alioli as dipping sauce. These chipirones have really crispy batter yet not oily on the outside and remains tender on the inside. A very addictive tapas dish to go with any beer.


Coles Salteado ($18.80) is also better known as Sauteed Brussels sprouts with serrano hams. Brussels sprouts was fresh and crisp with savory flavors from the serrano hams but by nature, brussels sprouts has that tinge of bitter astringent aftertaste. More hams would be appreciated please!


Seafood Paella (Serves 2, $58). I would find their paella disappointing with the fact that it comes from a spanish restaurant. The paella rice was overly soggy to begin with and there’s no distinct seafood flavor in the rice. The flavors of the ingredients were not infused and absorbed into the rice. Despite ordering two different kind of paellas, their taste and outlook were that similar that we could not really differentiate them apart except for the fact that Paella Valencia, is a little saltier in taste due to the incorporation of chorizo. Nonetheless, there was generosity in the amount of ingredients used and the seafood were fresh and not overcooked.


Paella Valencia (Serves 2, $53)


Suckling Pig (Serves 6-8, $338). Cute little piglet at an exorbitant price yet able to leave our stomach and taste buds feeling all satisfied and worthwhile. This piglet is marinated with sherry wine, white wine, vinegar and herbs and slowly roasted for more than 6 hours. Be aware that prior reservation is needed for the suckling pig! You’re not able to order on the day itself when you dine. The piping hot suckling pig is brought to the table on an enormous wooden platter with coupled of potatoes, and the piglet is portioned into smaller pieces with the use of a small plate to show how crispy the skin was roasted till and how tender the meat is. As the plate slices through the crispy skin and meat, you get to witness the tender and juicy pork before even savoring it. Traditionally, Spanish will throw the plate used to cut the pig on the floor or into a wooden box believing it will throw all the bad luck away. Don’t you feel like salivating and drooling just by looking at it now? The suckling pig comes with 3 sauces – Brown sauce, jam with cinnamon and au jus (juice drippings from the roasting process). If you like it savory, pair it with your brown sauce; if you like it sweet, pair it with the jam sauce; and if you like to taste it’s natural flavors, have it with the au jus! The taste is still lingering in my mind up till today!


‘Crime Scene of the suckling pig’ :O


Churros ($10.80). Their home-made churros were quite decent and good, not too sweet nor too starchy. Perfect taste and mouthfeel after a dip into the chocolate sauce.

A delectable dining experience with the delish golden crispy suckling pig. Customer service could be improved for some of their servers/managers. The guy who took down our orders was really inpatient and the vibe he gave us was not that welcoming probably due to the fact that we are in a large group and it really takes time to decide on what we want.

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-98/99 #01-98/99 VivoCity, Singapore 098585

Recommended just for the Suckling Pig 🙂

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