Right in the heart of the CBD area sits the Sarnies Cafe with an unpretentious outlook. They have kept everything simple with just a few art pieces and furnish with wooden seating arrangements both indoor and outdoor.



Not an extensive dinner menu but what they have are really one of a kind and classic.


First appetizer of the meal was this Triple C – Curry Crab Crocketts ($14). Don’t mistaken them for mozzarella cheese sticks! Within each of them are filled with flow-y piping thick hot curry crab sauce. The texture well resembles that of mozzarella cheese sticks just that instead of cheese fillings, it’s hot curry crab sauce fillings. Although i’m not too sure what kind of crab am i suppose to expect inside, but it tasted good enough for a finger food! The curry is not too spicy, the flavor falls a little between Japanese and Indian curry.


Next up was Avocado Fritters served with Spicy Lime Sauce ($10). It’s my first time seeing how avocado can be served this way on the dining table. It’s simply avocado balls coated with crumbs. A bite into the ball and you can feel the creaminess and richness of the fruit itself. The spicy lime sauce on the other hand was pretty light, so it went well with the richer tasting avocado and balances the flavor.


Last appetizer of the meal C4 Bomb – Truffle Mash wrap with Home-Cured Bacon ($12). The mash potatoes is of super smooth and fine consistency with subtle truffle taste. The bacon used to wrapped around it was a little crispy yet not oily and with a little saltiness to it. The pairing with avocado puree makes it a delightful combination.


This Cajun Spiced Paperbag Chicken ($14) consists of 3 drumsticks/thighs part well marinated with cajun spices. The chef really took good control of the heat and cooked it to perfection. With the skin a little charred, and the meat inside remains tender, juicy and flavorful. The cheese sauce that accompanied with it complements the overall taste really well and makes this dish kind of addictive! I could easily finish this whole portion by myself. It’s really that good.


Finally here come the first main – Thai Disco Pasta ($15). Pretty interesting name they have there, and when we were asking for recommendation, we were warned that Thai Disco is very spicy not for the faint heart! But when i had a taste of it, i was pretty disappointed, not that the dish was bad, but the spiciness level and omph that i was expecting, it’s simply missing. Nevertheless, this pasta dish is pretty good. Why is the name Thai Disco Pasta? Simply because of the ingredients used – Basil, Kaffir and Chilli padi, the very 3 ingredients that you will never miss it in any authentic thai food. The whole dish was aromatic and the spaghetti was cooked to al dente. A simple dish yet with all the main flavors locked into it.


Kabocha Pumpkin Risotto with Prosciutto Ham ($16) was the last main we had for the night. Kabocha Pumpkin is commonly known as Japanese pumpkin with its sweetness higher than a typical sweet potato or pumpkin. It looks kind of different from a typical risotto right, doesn’t it? Yet, the consistency and the rice is pretty much similar to that of a risotto nonetheless. The overall dish is full of natural sweetness from the Kabocha Pumpkin making it a pretty light dish but with the Prosciutto Ham enhancing and bringing out the flavor of the risotto.


Of course, we need desserts to end off a meal – Churros with whipped cream, chocolate and salted caramel dips ($10). I guess I still like my churros with chocolate dips, it’s still the best combination of all! Whipped cream dip seems to be a little too light for it, maybe it will be better, if it’s used as a filling instead. Salted caramel dip pairing was pretty mediocre too, maybe the consistency of the dip was not right, so the flavor does not really goes well with the churros. The churros here are pretty thick and sweet on its own, it gets a little too ge-lard after one stick.

Overall, Sarnies dished out pretty good and interesting food that was different from the norm. The ambiance makes it good for a night chill out after a day of work in the CBD area.

Address: 136 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068601

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 2.5/5
Value for Money: 3.5/5

Recommended 🙂

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