Salute Coffeeshop


The name Salute Coffeeshop must have ring a bell in your head by now! Salut which means ‘Hi’ in french and with the intention of ‘saluting to the customers and tenants for giving them a chance to come out with original tasty food’, thus give birth to the name Salute Coffeeshop.  Salute is filled with different stalls run by different young entrepreneurs whom share the same concept as the owners of Salute Coffeshop which is to ‘Bring restaurant-standard food to customers at an affordable rate by keeping the rental low and keeping the quality of ingredients used high’. I must say, they have really achieved it! Though located in a coffeshop space but they had their tables decked in blue checkered picnic table cloths increasing the vibrancy of the coffeeshop and stalls offering international delicacies at pocket friendly prices which are not commonly seen in a typical coffee shop.

I wished i could have tried all the stalls, but there’s a limit to my stomach space so here’s a few that i have tried!


Stall One: Two Wings

It’s not surprised how Two Wings have became the talk of the town. 6 pieces of wings for $12.50, and just top up a few dollars for 2 more sides! Their golden wings are indeed a tad bigger then the common finds, with batter at the right consistency, not too thick yet retains the crispiness on the exterior and juiciness in the interior. It may seems like we are paying $2 for a wing, but trust me, you’re paying for the quality and tastiness of the wings! It’s definitely worth the price you’re paying for! Also, with other stalls using the buzzer as an indication that your food is ready for collection, Two Wings instead take down your contact number and drop you a SMS when your wings are ready!



Stall Two: Seasalt

As the name suggest, they deal with fresh seafood that comes from the sea! A couple of their hot selling items will be the Fish & Chips ($9) and these Mussels in Vino Pot ($14).  Vino is otherwise known as White Wine too. These mussels are cooked on the spot with chopped garlic & white wine only upon ordering. This explains how fresh and succulent the mussels have tasted with the combination of the white wine stew, it’s heavenly. The wine is not overpowering, but subtle and bringing out the sweetness of the mussels. The pot come with bread pieces too, to pair it with  the broth. Once you dip the bread into the stew, it simply absorbs all the essence of it. Simply in love with this dish!



Stall Three: Immanuel French Kitchen

Reined by Chef Tee who have a vast experience working in other restaurants before setting up his own restaurant right here in Salute Coffeshop. He specializes in french cuisine and is known for his French Duck Confit ($15.90) in Immanuel. Confit of duck leg served with mashed potatoes and brown sauce and greens. I like how tender and soft the duck meat was inside, and with a crispy layer of skin on the outside. Their mashed potatoes was superb too, with a super smooth consistency and a little seasoning to seal the taste.



Stall Four: Stew Kuche

Run by the owners of Salute Coffeshop, Mr Chua decided to bring in German beers and food to the customers at affordable prices without comprising the quality of ingredients used. One of the famous dish from Stew Kuche is their German Pork Kunckle ranging from $15 for half a knuckle and $25 for a full knuckle! It comes with mashed potatoes and acar too. Where else to find such a good deal! The skin is extremely crackling and crispy whilst the meat stays soft and tender, totally no traces of toughness and chewiness. And it’s not too fatty, in fact it has pretty much little fats to begin with, just a little to balance out with the meat and overall mouth feel.


The food and concept have indeed allow them to differentiate themselves from the rest and stand out from the crowd! It was really a fulfilling meal i had in Salute Coffeeshop.

Address: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-40 Singapore 151119

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 2.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5

Recommended 🙂

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