Fresh Fruits Lab


Fresh Fruit Lab or otherwise known as FFL, has been around the cafe scene for a good amount of time. FFL has differentiated themselves with a laboratory-inspired theme and fruits infused food/drinks menu. It’s conveniently located just a 5-10 mins walk away from Kembagan Station along the bustling Changi Road, attracting quite a decent number of crowds on a Saturday night.



 A corner of the cafe has a shelf that holds these little scientific apparatus. Doesn’t these apparatus remind you of your good old chemistry days?


Are the words too small on the menu for you? Fret not! Grab a magnifying glass available right at your table to magnify the words!


It’s a nice gesture for the staff to serve this complimentary rack of test tubes filled with fruit juices that can be found in the menu for tasting prior to placing our orders. At least we get to try the different flavors and order something we like best. To further enhance our experience in a laboratory-based cafe, water is served in beaker and juices/sodas are served in conical flasks. The juices concoctions are pretty unique and interesting bringing out the different characteristics of the different fruits and vegetables when they are mixed together. Three to Tango was one of my favorite, something zesty yet refreshing, the perfect drink for this hot summer. The one in the conical flask below was Passion Fruit Soda, its surprisingly cooling and refreshing with real mashed up passion fruits, somewhat tasted different from the usual soda that just mixes with syrup.



Being the usual us having no idea what’s good to order, we decided to choose from a mixture of Chef’s Recommendations and Lab Bestsellers. First up was Truffle Fries ($12), neither a bestseller nor recommended by chef, but it’s like a must order, cause we have a crazy truffle fries fan among us. What makes a good Truffle Fries is definitely the presence and infusion of the truffle’s aroma and flavor coupled with hot crispy exterior of the shoestring fries. FFL’s truffle fries has definitely met 80% of the criteria.


First Chef’s Recommendation’s of Masago Cavier Pasta ($20). Delicately plated with Baked Half Scallops topped with Sunny Quail Egg and Cavier Masago. Spaghetti was cooked to al dente, and wholesomely infused with the taste of Masago Cavier. Half Scallop was well seasoned and baked to perfection; not too hard and chewy but instead light on teeth. The dish is a little heavy on taste some might find, but this dish definitely suits my taste bud, someone who enjoy seafood and prefer food with heavier flavors!


Next up, this Fish & Chip ($19) is FFL’s Bestseller! Generous and relatively big piece of Beer battered pacific dory served with shoestring fries and homemade tartare. The fish was thick, fresh and not crumbly. And i like how all their main dishes are accompanied with fruits infused salad that gives an additional sweetness to the overall dish.


Like how the dish is named, Da Bomb Burger ($19), it’s really da bomb! In between the 2 toasted bun sits a juicy 250g beef patty with crunchy lettuce and tomatoes, crispy bacon and a runny sunny side up! It’s a total burst of flavor in the mouth. The balance from the lightness of the sunny side up and veggies paired with the flavorful beef patty, is simple yet awesome.


With some stomach space left just for the dessert, we ordered both their Rainbow Cake ($7) and Lychee Cake ($6.50).


I must admit their Rainbow Cake tasted a little different. The cake was moist and dense; Cream cheese that was used for layering was rather light and the different layers bring about a citrus taste to the palette. This Lychee Cake is another praise worthy piece of dessert. Delicate pure looking dessert that sits a big juicy lychee. The texture of the cake was pretty unique, the exterior is as though i am eating marshmallow, and within it is layers of these marshmallow and sponge cake. Light and fluffy with subtle sweetness.


The best way to end off such a fulfilling dinner is definitely a cup of fruit infused tea to cleanse our palette and help us in our digestion.


Overall, it was quite a pleasant dining experience in Fresh Fruit Lab. The ambiance and the quality of food served was superb. However, the downside was that the setting sun were shinning in at where we were sitting during the evening time which was quite a disturbance. Nevertheless, it’s a recommended place for a good chill!


Address: 351 Changi Road
Singapore 419818

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Value for Money:  4/5

 Recommended 🙂

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