Brunches Cafe


A vintage garage thematic Brunches Cafe has finally sprung up into the cafe scene in Singapore. Located along the stretch of Rangoon Road with several other cafes sit Brunches Cafe clothed in a  dark mysterious outlook but opens door to a warmly lighted cafe featuring vintage car or car boot as seats, hanging mini wooden houses as lighting and rustic wooden furniture. Effort and love from the bosses can be felt through all the details and decorations in the cafe.


Sweet looking mini chalk board filled with sweet deals for you.


Decent extensive choice of food varying from brunches, mains, sides, coffee and desserts for a cafe environment.



Innovative idea of using the mini cooper car’s front to contain all the condiments and menu and the car seats as dining area.



Another interesting set of seating arrangement.


Something more classic and vintage feel.


i love all these milk cans! So old school, bringing back all the fond old memories.


This was a pleasant gesture from the boss of the cafe. She served us this complimentary chilled berries cheesecake as a make up for the long waiting time for our food. This cheesecake was not yet in the menu, but it tasted real good. Not too sweet, flavor was light with berries taste.


After waiting for 20 minutes or so, finally here comes our 2 mains – Steak & Egg ($19.50) and Creamy Egg Frittata ($12.50). I find the food much disappointing. Despite ordering medium for my steak, it somehow turn out to be medium well and it’s kind of tough and chewy. Scrambled eggs on the other hand was rather creamy and runny but it kinds of lack some flavor and lustre. Sauteed mushrooms tasted just like mushroom without much intended punch from any seasonings.  Egg Frittata tasted similar to that of an omelette but in a muffin shape. I find it baked to a tad to dry for my liking. But some worth mentioning points for the brunches, is that you can choose your choice of toast from wholemeal, sourdough and white and i love the sweetness and juiciness of the grilled tomato.


Overall, the cafe has the ambiance, but much improvements are needed to their food if they want returning customers.

Address: 96 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218381

Food: 3/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Value for Money:  3/5

 50/50 :/

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