Food Tasting: Ippin Cafe Bar


This 7 months old Ippin Cafe Bar is not the typical fanciful Japanese cuisine concept you may be looking at. Instead, it brings about a more homely, cosy and down to earth ambiance in this corner of theirs. Besides serving you with just food and drinks, they hold a wide range of imports such as sakes, teas, condiments, snacks & nuts and more just for you to be able to bring back some of the goodness of japan to enjoy at your own comfort and convenience.



These nuts will really drive you nut! They are just too awesome to begin with! Rattsu comes in 3 flavors – Strawberry, Matcha and Coffee. It’s good to start off with the lighter flavor, Strawberry, and slowly increasing the intensity to the Coffee eventually.


Their selections of condiments and snacks.



& here’s the variety of sakes, beers and teas they have to offer you!


Our appetizer to kick start this Media Invite Food Tasting brought to us by Ippin Cafe Bar.


Unlike most salads that are usually paired with dressing prior to serving, here at Ippin, you are given the free hand to choose your very own dressing and customize it to suit your own taste buds. Personally i like the Wasabi-Vinaigrette the most. I dont usually take wasabi, so i’m quite hesitant in trying it, but i glad i did! It’s quite refreshing, the wasabi taste was quite subtle, i would taste more of the sourish ponzu kind of flavor. It goes really well with the raw salad.



The staffs were really friendly and knowledgeable. They would always ask us if we like to order any kind of drinks to accompany our food, and when we are lost at what to order, they are there with their recommendations. We decided to go for something fruity, so they chose this Gran Agri Weizen Beer for us. The beer was not as fruity as i thought but was nonetheless creamy and smooth with a little wheat-y taste. I was told by one of the professional that it would taste more fruity if i were to pour out and drink from a glass.


Here comes the highlight of the night. First up was the Deep Fried Oyster Set ($24 nett). The set comes with rice mixed with barley, hatcho miso soup, Nikujaga pork & potato stew, salad and a dessert. It’s quite a sumptuous and worthwhile set! I’m totally in love with their fried oyster!! Lightly battered, so crispy on the outside and so fat and juicy on the inside! Also, the oysters were fresh and sweet. What more can i ask for! Another worth mentioning, was one of their side, Nikujaga pork & potato stew (close up and bigger version as shown below), which we all agreed it was good enough to standalone. The pork were thinly sliced and tender with potatoes and carrots cooked to perfection and have fully absorbed the essence of the stew. Also their atypical rice that was mixed with barley! A little light and chewy to the overall mouthfeel.



Next up was Grilled Oyster & Veggie in Ponzu Butter Sauce ($20 nett) that comes with the same sides and salad. The grilled oyster in ponzu butter sauce was quite refreshing with a little tangy sourish taste from the ponzu. But i find the oysters here a little more dry and less juicy compared to the fried oysters. & do you know, all their oysters are from Hiroshima Prefecture, the area that is famous for their oysters reared in clean ocean! I believe that’s how they can serve sweet and odour-less oysters right in their dishes!



Next up was Miso Udon Noodle with Oyster Set ($15 nett). By now, i’m sure you will realised that oyster is definitely one of the highlight of the restaurant, and how well it can be paired with different ingredients to bring out the different sides & tastes of the oysters. Udon cooked in red miso brings across a stronger taste and richer flavor compared to the normal miso. I find it a little too salty to my liking though.


Next two dishes were actually ‘encore’ items requested by us, and the kitchen has gladly prepared it for us. It’s really so nice and friendly of them. First was Oyakudon Set ($15 nett) that comes with miso soup and dessert. To put it simply, its runny egg and chicken on the rice, and what makes it special is the broth that was boiled with chicken and stock. A very warm and homely cooked food but the flavor and taste was on the lighter side of the scale.


The last main for the night was none other than Yakisoba Set ($12 nett). Stir fry noodles with the different kind of vegetables that balances out the sweetness and savory from the broth for the whole dish. The taste was quite mediocre and similar to that of the Nikujaga pork & potato stew. Tasted like Hokkien Mee to me but in the japanese style.


Last but not least, to end off our meals, we are served with Yuzu Jelly as our dessert. A light yet refreshing taste from yuzu that cleanses your palate after a hearty meal. Texture of jelly was the soft and slimy type that can be easily slurp down your throat.


It was a pleasant gesture of the host to give each of us some goodies before we took our leave. The Sencha Green Tea is relatively more mellow compared to the usual matcha green tea i had. I like the lightness and fresh tasting of Sencha. All in all, it was a wonderful night at Ippin with Hazel, Ayumi Fijishiro and their crew and other fellow foodies!

Address: 18 Mohamad Sultan Road
#01-01 Singapore 238967

Food: 3.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Value for Money:  3.5/5

 Recommend 🙂

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