A well hidden artisian cafe right at the basement of Big Hotel, beside their reception corner. Well, the simplicity in the design with the use of just black metallic furniture and wall decorations against the white wall and grey cemented floor, kind of make the cafe stand out from the rest in a different way. With nothing to look around at, it redirects the focus of the customers back to the food itself. Indeed, i couldn’t deny that a lot of effort and thoughts was put into their food’s outlook.


Froth’s menu is kept simple yet with a variety to choose from, with a mixture of all time favorites from various cafes to a few fusion specialty of their own. & we decided to order all their chef’s recommendation for a try.



Don’t this look like a piece of art to you? Grilled Portobello ($12.90) with truffle mushroom puree laid out like the soil base for the ‘growing’ white asparagus, roasted potatoes and grilled portobello slices and traces of truffle mayo all around. We are amazed by how this dish was served to us in the artistic way. Not only does it appeal to us visually but definitely also entices our taste buds. Very strong mushroom flavor and i must say the roasted potatoes are really good and crispy.


What makes this Bacon chowder ($7.90) different is the poached egg within. But i guess the taste was quite mediocre, nothing too special. It’s simply creamy but consistency is a little too thin to my liking.


Don’t underestimate this Cheesy Lobster Sandwich ($22.90). Served with golden crispy shoe string fries and the slipper lobster are neither in minced nor chunks but as a whole with cheesy sauce and accompanied with toasted bread and some fresh veggies! Meat is definitely fresh and crunchy! The taste is light yet cheesy. Kind of love this dish pretty much.


I guess everywhere is serving salmon in their menu now. & it’s kind of hard for this Pan-fried Salmon ($20.90) served with slow cook roasted vegetables to stand out from the rest. The taste of salmon is just so-so but i do like how crispy the salmon skin was.


This Seafood Tom Yum Risotto ($23.90) was way better than the salmon. Fresh and big seafood was used in the dish, and the sauce was a little special. Though it’s tom yum but it brings out a japanese curry flavor subtly. It seems like the fusion of both and i find the taste pretty interesting. One of my favorite mains there!


Of course there’s a need for dessert to end off the meal. Their famous Taro Waffle with a scoop of Earl Grey Ice Cream ($12.90) that is all over the instagrams and blogs. Crispy waffle with taro jam in between the waffle and droop-lets of taro all over. I like how the texture and taste of their waffle is like, it was kind of different from the usuals. Also, the waffle with taro brings out an intriguing taste of lavender. It’s a must try when you’re there!

In general, their plating and freshness in all the ingredients used is praise worthy. However, for some of the dishes, the taste could further be enhanced. All in all, i feel that we are probably paying more for the look of the dishes instead of their flavors. It will be a good recommendation for special occasions or times when you need some pampering.

Address: 200 Middle Road #B1-02
Big Hotel
Singapore 188980

Food: ❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️❤️
Price: ❤️❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤️❤️

❤️ Recommended ❤️

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