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The concept of serving seafood in a bag with the main idea of eating using bare hands to get the best taste out of it has been a rising trend right here. Full of crab has been around in this community for just slightly longer than 1 year.


The whole place is well decorated. It gives me the feeling of being in a restaurant in a submarine that is out in the sea. Cement floor with wooden furniture and logs as pillars; a mini lighthouse with some brightly colored paintings making me feeling all relax and sunny.


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So basically this is how the ordering goes. First you’ll choose your catch – snow crab legs, crayfish, sri lankan crabs etc or you can pick the combo for sharing. For instance a Captain Cook’s Combo contains sri lankan crabs, prawns and choice of corn cob or baby potatoes. All prices were rather reasonable as they are priced accordingly to the market rates. Once you’re done with the main ingredients, you choose the preferred flavor and its spice level – cajun, fully loaded or garlic butter and mild, medium or hot respectively. You can add on other seafood that you like to the combo, such as boston lobster, clams etc.


What you need to attack your crabs!


Home brewed Ice lemon Tea! Pretty good to go with the seafood. Helps to cleanse your palette after a fully loaded meal.


It may just look like those shredded dried fish snacks that are easily available in NTUC, but do not belittle this simple snack. Full of crab called these as fish sticks, and they are served complimentary for you to munch on before your bags are served. They have been toasted/fried and somewhat tasted like crackers, crunchy and highly addictive.


Here comes the main character! Captain’s combo with fully loaded sauce at a medium spicy level. The price range for Captain’s Combo is usually at the $100 odds. Once the bag is opened, the aroma is so so good! The taste is pretty good but weren’t well infused into the seafood itself. The sauce is a little too salty and oily on its own, its better to go with the potatoes, seafood or some bread sticks. It’s kind of mixed feeling towards the seafood. Crab roe to me is the best part! But the way it is cooked make it super hard and tasteless. It was such a waste. Even for the prawns itself, it’s kind of hard to chew on too, it lacks the sweetness and crunchy mouth feel. It seems like it’s overcooked or the method of cooking does not seem right at all. But luckily, the crab meat is still awesome! Sweet and fresh! I believe because it was protected by the thick crab shell, so it was not over expose to heat for a long time that results in all the toughness of meat.


We decided to add on a boston lobster to our combo at an additional price of $40. Similarly to our combo, as the lobster is cut into half, unlike what you expect of a sweet and crunchy meat, it turn out to be hard and chewy. Another disappointment despite the good flavor and aroma.



Being a little unsatisfied from our meal, we decided to add on a 6pcs cajun wings ($10). Wings are served piping hot and are well marinated with mixtures of herbs and spices with some sorts of flakes. Very crispy and juicy. Way better than the tough seafood! Never regret ordering these wings. It’s highly recommended!

The plus point of Full of Crabs is that seafood used are really big and meaty but the downside is that, seafood being subject to heat for too long a time results in the toughness in meat, losing it’s sweetness and juiciness which i find it a pity. But overall, they have good service and flavor of food.

Address: 195 East Coast Road
Singapore 428900

 Food: ❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️❤️
Price: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤️❤️

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