Tiferet Tea Room


Chanced upon Tiferet Tea Room while googling for some afternoon tea location. Tiferet Tea Room is located in Katong V Mall. The place is very modernized and lightly dim, you thought you are in a pub or something, it really does have that feel! Also the place sounds very ang moh right and probably you thought there will be a wide range of tea like flower tea, english tea etc but you’re wrong! This place actually sells traditional chinese tea and they offer dim sum as their snacks too which is quite an interesting concept. I believe you will only get to see such concept in traditional tea house? They do have some selection of cakes too. However, it feels kind of weird drinking chinese tea and having cake as desserts?



Here’s their extensive menu of chinese tea and some selection of cakes. They have tea ranging from pu-er series, to tie guan yin to oolong series etc. And did i mention, they have tea appreciation lessons too.


So there’s 3 of us and we ordered the following. They are quite professional but yet at the same time quite disappointing. They are professional in the sense where they will pour out the tea from the white pot into the glass jar and after which, they will let you smell the aroma of the tea from the white pot. At the same time, disappointing because they mixed up the tea themselves, so in the end when we got the tea, we tried to differentiate ourselves which is which and in the end we got wrong too. :/

Ginseng Oolong ($8 per pot): Scented with flower petals and usually used with green tea. Turn out that this tea does not have strong ginseng aftertaste, it’s rather subtle and light.

Dong Ding ($7 per pot): Subtle and astringent aftertaste.

Oriental Beauty ($9 per pot): This is suppose to be sweet tasting, but end up has more ginseng note compared to what Ginseng Oolong should have.

As a result we are pretty confused with what we are drinking since we are not experienced with all the different kind of chinese tea.

Dim Sum set ($8): Consists of the typical favourites, siew mai, har kar, glutinous rice wrapped in pandan leaves etc. All the siew mai, har kar taste like microwave food to me. Kind of dry and tough. But the glutinous rice is not bad, the flavour and taste is good.

Ambiance was good, looking over the stretch of katong and very chillax but overall experience with the food and tea was kind of average, and i think the staff there needs to have better knowledge of their tea range.

Address: 30 East Coast Road
Katong V #02-17
Singapore 428751

Food: ❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️
Price: ❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤

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