The Lawn


Another lunch place for the CBD people where they can enjoy a meal healthily! The Lawn at AXA tower. A surprise cozy corner, cafe alike style. Brightly lit cafe, with carpeted grass on part of the cafe and use of white wooden furniture. Overall, very soothing and relaxing atmosphere. They have dine in and takeaway options.


So basically The Lawn has 2 mains option. Either the salad bowl or olive rice. If you are trying to eat clean or feeling healthy, you can go for the salad bowl ($9.90), you get to choose one grill of your choice from the 10 available choices (they have really good choices! ranging from char grill prawns to teriyaki chicken to grilled black pepper duck breast to butter seared dory to even assorted mushrooms) , 5 toppings (such as cheese, veggies, eggs, fruits, nuts and more!) and your choice of dressing (different salad dressing and even savory dressing that goes with the rice set). Alternatively, if you want something carbo or you just dislike the greens, you can opt for the olive rice set ($8.90) whereby you can choose your grill and it comes with a side salad and your choice of dressing! For olive rice, the only difference from the salad bowl is, instead of the 5 toppings, you get olive rice. And you can always complete your meal with either a soup or a bun!


I’ve decided to go for the Olive rice set.  I’ve choosen Char-grilled prawns with garlic and Me so Spicy for my dressing. Very flavorful rice, well cooked succulent crunchy prawns. And i totally like the dressing, spicy with tangy lemon taste. But i feel that the overall dish is too overwhelming, too rich and strong in taste. The salad really helps a lot in cleansing the rich aftertaste. As you can see, they are generous with their portion too! Even the salad consists of a variety of corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce. Filling meal indeed!


No matter how filling we are, how can a meal be complete with a dessert? They sell ice cream sandwiches! I’ve got the chocolate hazelnut! Chocolate hazelnut sandwiched between chocolate biscuits! Very chocolatey. If you’re not a chocolate lover, advise to choose from other flavours. If you need something a lil better for lunch, can check out The Lawn!

Address: 8 Shenton Way
AXA Tower, #B1-11
Singapore 068811

Food: ❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️❤️
Price: ❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤️❤

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