The tiramisu hero


Finally get to try out The Tiramisu Hero Cafe. It is situated somewhere behind the lavender area along a row of shop houses. A very cosy cafe with modernized look. Look at those green carpets that welcomed us!


The interior has prints of their signature cat comic all over the ceilings or on the high walls. They have a corner selling some exquisite accessories. And of course not forgetting their Cat Head! Mandatory shots with it! Guess guess who we are!


after which its time for some food! decent choice of food, might not have too many choices within one category but they do have quite a variety of food choice from pasta, pizza to baked rice etc. Can take a look at for the complete menu. Top up i think around $5 to complete your meal with soup + garlic bread, iced lemon tea and a dessert. The mushroom soup is creamy with bits of mushrooms. Garlic bread is well toasted, crispy and aromatic. But edges of the garlic toast may be a lil hard.


and the two mains we ordered were – AGLIO OLIO ($14,90) and CHEFCHEF CURRY BAKED RICE ($12.50), top up $2 if you want cheese to be added.

Aglio Olio: Angel hair pasta cooked with garlic, prawn and bacon tossed with virgin oil. The pasta is a quite dry and overall the dish is a lil oil, probably due to the bacon also. Prawns were succulent nevertheless. I’ll find this dish quite average.

Chefchef Curry Baked Rice: Rice baked in chicken curry. To my surprise this dish is actually quite nice! Its a lil combination of japanese and indian curry cause when you eat you have the feel of eating japanese curry but as you know jap curry aint spicy, but this its a lil spicy as if spices were added. Also, it’s topped with chunky potatoes and tender chicken pieces! Yums.


Desert from the set was brownie top with icing sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Very chocolatey.

and of course since we are there, we must ordered their tiramisu! They have different flavours and sizes of tiramisu, some are pretty unique like lavender and so on and sizes ranges from minihero to 9″ cake hero. As my friend doesnt take coffee, so we didnt take the typical tiramisu but instead chose the chocolate one.

Chocolate Mommahero ($7.50): Serves 1 pax, the typical size, but since we already had a dessert from the set, so we just gotten 1 for sharing. Made with chocolate cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate chips, chocolate savioandi and topped with cocoa powder. Feels very different, first time eating tiramisu without espresso and alcohol. It feels as in i’m eating chocolate cream puffs! Guess it’s just so so for me.


But overall, staffs were friendly and service was good. And i was telling my friend i think one of the staff is a model for one of the blogshops!

Address: 121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548

Food: ❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️❤️
Price: ❤️❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤

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