Two Blur Guys

Decided to try out Two Blur Guys for our interns dinner after work since it’s near our workplace too. It is quite a small area and they mainly focus on burgers, snacks and drinks for after work purposes. Quite reasonable priced and top up to a set consisting of a drink and dessert for $5.50. And a side joke from us is that, the name really fit its shop. One of the incident was like, we asked for ice water, but the waiter replied us “we’re not sure if we have sufficient of ice water” so we are wondering, do they not have enough ice or cups or water? they seems to be short of manpower too, their service is a lil slow. But i guess due to its name and everything, we thought that whatever we encountered are rather cute and funny actually and its so apt to their brand name.


enough of all the funny encounters. even though food is served rather slow, but for the burger is really not too bad. The portion may not be big but decent and sufficient for me. I ordered the Smoke Salmon ($11.95) and completed my meal with the set. My choice of dessert was Apple Crumble.

Smoke Salmon: Served with potato salad and veggie salad. The burger bread is soft, salmon not overly seasoned and so the combination of soft plain bread with salmon, avocado salsa and tomatoes is really good and tasty. The veggie salad with vinaigrette and potatoes salad tossed with some tar tar mayo sauce is good too.

Apple crumble: Abit tastless other than just plain sweetness there’s no other punch or flavour to look forward to. Not a recommended dish


Address: 1 Tras Link
Singapore 078867

Food: ❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️
Price: ❤️❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤️❤

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