The Marshmallow Tree


Decided to visit The Marshmallow Tree for tea on one of the sunday afternoon with my chill buddy. Came across this cute cafe while googling online for some cafe inspirations. I would say this was quite a hidden gem located below the block of HDB flats at telok blangah district. Its rather quiet for a sunday but i guess that is also what makes the cafe comfy for a nice chill out place. I can really sit and watch the world go by without too much ongoing bustling. The cafe is decorated with mostly wooden furniture, wooden swing, wooden table, with sofa seats, a chalkboard wall and a grass carpet. Not forgetting a domokun! A very garden-y with a touch of modern from decorations like the European lampost!

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Guess what, do you see the marshmallow tree? Initially i literally thought that probably it’s one of their sweet treats, and they purposely decorated the ‘edible’ marshmallow that way. You know like some gimmicks! But when i reach there, i was trying to find it on the menu, and then, my chill buddy tell me, are you referring to that, i turned around and was like OH YES! OOPs, i was like oh man, chey, so that was just a decoration! But it’s really pretty isnt it! Anyway, back to the food treats. They sell a variety of coffee and sweet treats at decent prices.

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I ordered their rose latte, something different from the usual cafe i had been through. It taste pretty good. As you all may or may now know, i do not really take caffeine, any coffee beside mocha, i will feel that it is too heavy for me and i may have a risk of not being able to fall asleep. But for this rose latte is pretty good. Light rose aroma and taste, yet the whole taste is not overpower by the caffeine. Personally pretty like the rose latte. And it all came with a roasted marshmallow! Like those you BBQ it under the charcoal! Melts in your mouth!

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We also ordered a macaroon and one of their pie tart. Both the desserts are pretty awesome and prices are comparable to other dessert cafes. This pie-tart must eat it warm. Its like a mixture layers of cookie, brownie and marshmallow drizzled with chocolate sauce. Chewy soft mouthfeel! Heavens for me! If it turns cold, you can request for them to warm it up for you again! Cause it will be pretty dry and hard. This pie-tart is one of the more unique sweet treats that worth a try! All in all, pretty nice surrounding and friendly service!


Address: 46 Telok Blangah Drive
#01-85 Singapore 100046

Food: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️❤️
Price: ❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤️❤

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