Once upon a rosti

Decided to try out Once Upon a Rosti during one of my lunch break. It’s located at AXA tower basement. I’ve been very keen to try out this place for quite sometime! But its rather disappointing. ): I’ve ordered the Sir All Day Breakfast Double Rosti value meal ($9). It came with a drink. The … More Once upon a rosti

Five & Dime

Finally made a trip to Five & Dime! I’m actually looking forward to their Golden custard (Salted Egg Yolk!) LAVA CAKE! But its out of stocks when i reached. ): oh wells. But yes, back to Five & Dime. A very european exterior with red bricks ceiling, tainted windows and a white coat standing along … More Five & Dime


Finally a trip to Concetto at one of the days. Concetto is another subsidiary by Saveur’s company. Similar style to Saveur, but the focus has changed from french cuisine to italian cuisine. Different style of technique and cooking has been incorporated into their dishes rather creatively i would say. Prices still remains decent too. First … More Concetto