Bar Bar Black Sheep

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Bar Bar Black Sheep is not what i thought it was. Its not the typical cafe i’ve imagined. Its kind of open concept for indoor seatings and there’s also alfreso seatings. It houses 3 different cuisines – Thai, Western, and Indian Food. Of course, they have their own bar and cocktails too. As we went there during one of the holidays, the thai stall were close. So we mainly ordered from the western stall, too full to try from the indian stall! When we were there, we see mainly ang mohs there, getting a beer and chill there.

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So we ordered Seafood Spaghetti, Beer battered fish, char grilled chicken chop, one beef burger and one chicken burger (apologise that i couldnt remember the 2 dishes name), chicken wings and some drinks! I’ve ordered a frozen lime margarita. The seafood spaghetti is on the cheesy side, with seafood cooked till a lil too dry but its quite different from the usual tomato based pasta, its not that saucey but rather dry kind.

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I always wonder how should a good beer-battered fish taste like. Will it have a taste of beer? For this beer battered fish & chip, i couldnt really taste the beer, so was a lil disappointed. but the fish is still soft and in chunks not like some others which can be flaky. The char grill chicken is not too bad with the mushroom sauce. Meat is tender and the mushroom sauce is towards the creamy side.

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Next up are the burgers. The respective patties are good with their sauces. At least their patties are meaty not too much of fats or tendons where it will results in a chewy texture. One of the side we ordered is their fried chicken wings. Thats really good. Crispy on the outside and juicy, tender on the inside! Eat it while its piping hot! Lime margarita is refreshing after the meal.

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Their service are quite slow, got to wait for sometime after calling them a few times. & they mixed up some of our orders, but luckily after verifying they still change it for us and never give us the attitude.

Address: 86 Robertson Quay
#01-04 Robertson Blue

Food: ❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️
Price: ❤️❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤

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