d’Good Cafe

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its my second visit to d’ Good Cafe! Gonna just combine both visit into a post! d’ Good Cafe is located at Holland Village, the next destination for good food and some chill out drinks at nights with friends. Its located at the second floor of the shophouses. One shouldnt miss it if walk past it. Quite prominent. It has 2 levels and indoor and al-fresco sitting. Most students are seen studying at the 3rd level.

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Nice retro coffee maker machines seen at their counter. The place is decorated with unique lamps, lil postcards, polaroids, and the well known swing! the area where the swings are, are rather cosy, and have the garden feel. as behind it, they have the simlar to logs kind of table and sofa seats. I will just wanna sit there and watch the world pass by.

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Here’s what we ordered, hot chocolate with such a cute bear latte art! I’m easily attracted to pretty latte art! The hot chocolate is pretty good, rich. Then we had shroom soup. The soup is kind of blended i feel. Could feel the chunky bits of mushroom (not the smooth kind of soup) and also there’s sliced mushroom to give that punch to the soup. We order Ham & Cheese Sandwich. Its pretty good with the ciabitta bread. A lil crisp of the bread, crunch from the vegetables, flavour from the cheese & ham. If you decided to go healthy on that day, you can try this! We wanted to order their chilli crab pie but there’s isnt any so they suggested shepherd pie, and we decided to just give it a try. Its filled with minced beef and potatoes, not really to my liking.

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Then we tried their Portobello Pizza and Fresh Prawn Aglio Oligo. Both dish are awesome! The pizza is thin crust but it looks like those biscuits!, we can feel the melted mozzarella cheese in our mouth and the rich flavour of the portobello and the sweetness from the tomatoes sauce. The prawn aglio oligo is good too! Pasta just done al dente and its flavourful with the herbs, & not forgetting the fresh crunchy prawns.

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What’s a complete meal without desserts right? We had their Mango Pudding cheesecake in a jar! Its seems to be the trend now, where everyone start to sell cake in a jar. Back to it, the cheesecake is good, refreshing due to the fruits, and its kind of light. As you know some of the cheesecake might turn out to be gelard. And of course lava cake! another heavenly filled with hot rich chocolate. i like lava cakes where outer is baked till kind of crispy (sounds funny to use it to describe, but oh well, as long as you get what i mean. haha), while the inner is soft and overflowing with chocolate! nicee!

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Address: 273 Holland Ave
Singapore 278992

Food: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ambiance: ❤️❤️❤️
Service: ❤️❤️❤️
Price: ❤️❤️
Value for Money: ❤️❤️❤️❤

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